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IV Therapy Made Easy. We Come To You!

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IV Therapy Made Easy. We Come To You!

The Premier Provider of Mobile IV Services for an
Array of Conditions and Wellness Needs.

Hangover IV is a mobile IV hydration company, we provide IV vitamin therapy in your home or hotel room with essential fluids,
electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants to quickly provide relief for multiple conditions.


We employ Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses


We come to your location. To your home, business or even hotel room.


Book today and one of our Nurses will be at your location ASAP!


We provide the highest quality nutrients.


Our Packages


    Hydration IV is our basic treatment for dehydration. It quickly rehydrates your body on a cellular level and replenishes essential nutrients and electrolytes.
    • Rehydrate your body
    • Prevent dry mouth
    • Boost energy
    • Replace electrolytes
    • Helps headaches
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    Get a head start on your night out by hydrating your body with saline and vitamins, this will help lessen your hangover and give you energy to party all night
    • Hydrate your body
    • Boost energy
    • Lessen hangover symptoms
    • Replenish Vitamins
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    Our signature hangover IV treatment is an effective method to quickly combat hangover symptoms and rehydrate your body.
    • Flushes Out Toxins
    • Body Hydration
    • Antioxidants
    • Immune Booster
    • Essential Recovery Vitamins
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    Mobile IV therapy is a fast and effective addition to any athlete’s training routine, quickly rehydrating and restoring your body after an intense workout whether you’re at home, the track, or the gym.
    • Rehydrates muscles
    • Boost metabolism
    • Improve athletic performance
    • Decreases recovery time
    • Restore energy
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    Our Wellness IV package combines a blend of powerful antioxidants to boost your immune system and help you fight off any bug that’s going around.
    • Replace electrolytes
    • Boost your Immune system
    • Fights infections
    • Powerful antioxidants
    • Increase energy
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  • Food Poisoning IV

    Say goodbye to food poisoning that can be caused by food contaminated with bacteria or viruses. Our expertly formulated combo of vitamins, medication and nutrients will provide for a quick recovery.
    • Replenish fluids
    • Boost energy
    • Soothe illness
    • Shorten recovery time
    • Replace lost vitamins
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  • NAD+

    NAD+ intravenous therapy restores levels of NAD, improving brain function, mental clarity and restores energy levels. Also has the ability to repair damaged DNA
    • Anti-aging
    • Improve memory
    • Increase energy
    • Reduce overall fatigue
    • Boost metabolism
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    We have put together the ultimate combination of electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants to cure that FAMOUS LAS VEGAS Hangover. Rehydrate and revitalize while flushing those unwanted toxins.
    • Complete Vitamin Profile
    • Full Body Detox
    • Energy Booster
    • Antioxidants
    • Restores Minerals
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  • Not sure what you need?

    Contact Us! We will reply or give you a call right away to set you up with the perfect treatment for your recovery! Contact Us
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Hangover IV saved my day! After a night of partying, their hydration IV treatment helped me bounce back and feel refreshed. Highly recommended!

Sarah M.

I can’t thank Hangover IV enough for their hangover IV service. It’s like magic! I went from feeling terrible to feeling energized and ready to take on the day. They are lifesavers!

John D.

The epic hangover iv is a game-changer! It’s the ultimate remedy for those extra rough mornings. Don’t suffer through a hangover when you can get back on your feet with their incredible treatment.

Lisa T.

Beauty IV at is a secret weapon for glowing skin! Not only did it rehydrate me, but it also left my skin looking radiant and refreshed. Love it!

Emily W.

Wellness IV is a must-try. It gave me an instant boost of vitality and helped me recover faster from a hectic week. Their team is amazing too!

Michael P.

Fitness IV is a game-changer for my workouts! It provides the perfect blend of hydration and nutrients, allowing me to push harder and recover faster. Highly recommended for all fitness enthusiasts!

Alex S.

NAD+IV treatment at Hangover IV is a game-changer for mental clarity and focus. It helped me recharge my brain and increase my productivity. This place is a true gem!

Jennifer H.

Hangover IV’s Pregame IV is a pre-party essential! It helped me stay hydrated and energized throughout the night, ensuring I had a blast without worrying about a hangover the next day. Thank you, Hangover IV!

David R.

Hydration IV is a true lifesaver after a long flight. It helped me combat jet lag and feel rejuvenated in no time. Their staff is professional and friendly. I won’t travel without it!

Samantha L.

I had an amazing experience with the Hangover IV treatment. It quickly relieved my symptoms and got me back to feeling like myself again. Don’t suffer through a hangover when you can visit Hangover IV!

Mark T.

The Beauty IV treatment at Hangover IV is pure magic! Not only did it hydrate my skin, but it also gave me a natural glow that lasted for days. I felt like a million bucks!

Olivia K.

Wellness IV is my go-to for a quick energy boost and immune support. It’s like a reset button for my body, and I always leave feeling revitalized. Thank you, Hangover IV!

Daniel C.
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Our IV Therapy process is all about simplicity and making you feel comfortable as possible. Book online or give us a call, one of our medical professionals will arrive shortly and explain each treatment and how your body will benefit from it.


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